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Hamilton tickets in Chicago

In his knit cap, Mulligan frames him-self as a talented rapper and a self-taught hero, a tailor’s apprentice hoping “to socially advance, instead of sewin’ some pants!” He’s brash and eager to trash-talk with “Brrrah brraaah! I am Hercules Mulligan/Yes I heard ya mother said ‘Come again?’. This is the beginning of the Hamilton show in Chicago city.

The more sincere and idealistic Laurens protests slavery, adding: “But we’ll never be truly free/Until those in bondage have the same rights as you and me” and dreams of creating “the first Black battalion.” Laurens, though the son of one of South Carolina’s most influential planters, with his entire inheritance tied up in slavery, was passion-ate for abolition and wrote essays hoping to free American slaves to fight in the Revolution. Sadly, his plans were met with derision by the South. Like Hamilton, he was “imbued with a quixotic sense that it was noble to die in a worthy cause” (Chernow 94) and the two adored each other. When asked who “this kid” is who’s listening to their own speeches, Hamilton bursts in, introducing himself as “young, scrappy and hungry” in a way they are not. Get tickets for Hamilton Chicago with

“Unlike the rest of them, he lacks breeding, finesse, a common background. He’s an outsider, and he’s the one worth watching” (Viertel 59). He raps so passionately for two minutes straight of how, as he puts it, “I am not throwing away my shot” that he commands their attention and leads them in plans for revolution. Vibe described the backing as “reminiscent of the ’90s” (“Going H.A.M.”). The new trio soon join in with his song, dancing along as well. While making their plans about what each of the “shots” will be, they in fact do shots of alcohol and plot a future until Burr interrupts and warns them, highlighting his own agenda, “You’ve got to be carefully taught/If you talk, you’re gonna get shot!”