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How To Bail Out The Planet, One Residence At A Time!

Well Climate Change or Global Warming stories are everywhere and if the weather conditions we have had since the start of April is anything to go by, we are certainly getting warmer! These stories have been around since the early 1980’s, but it seems that now we are having to take notice. We are all advised to try and trim down our carbon footprint. You can find advice all over the internet about how to do such things.  is an online community in which people egg on others to try out new ways of ethical living. There are whole sections on reducing carbon footprints. These can be anything from adding double glazing to your home, to organising a car-share for your commute to work. There are some great tips, well worth a look.

Well what has this got to do with me? There is zilch fresh here – I hear you thinking. Well, before you click away – READ ON! I am about to reveal to you a new way of looking at going green. I will also let you in on a secret; something the powers that be don’t want the little guy to know about.

If you make your home greener, you will lessen not only your carbon footprint, but your costs. This reduction can lead to major financial savings over a period of time, and this is cash you will now be able to use for other things. Going green doesn’t only save the earth, it saves you money which can really build up.

In the UK and the US, the governments sponsor and subsidize the purchase and installing of Solar Panels on residential dwellings. The expense is still high, but if your house is facing the right way and in a location which gets a lot of sun, you can have all your energy needs met AND get paid for the extra energy you pump into the Grid.

Yeah, Yeah – you’ve heard it all before. But this GREEN ENERGY MIRACLE may be new to you. A fresh spin on some ancient technology (stuff we did in Physics at school) has just been released onto the home-based market. sub domains . This is not expensive to put together and yet can power your home for FREE.

To be honest, I didn’t believe it myself, but I have spoken with some physicists and this is entirely legit. Just think about all the cash you would save by installing one of these into your home.

Really – it can. Check out my other articles to find other unheard of green devices the big energy companies wish we didn’t know about.

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Best Wishes!

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Amazing! Top Secret Government Classified Information! Inventor Nicola Tesla's FREE POWER Generator Patents & Plans! If This Is Really The Answer To Our Power Needs Then, Why Are We Not All Using It?

Nicoli Tesla has been regarded as the greatest of all time! He is responsible for countless U.S. & European Patents for all kinds of fascinating things. Nicoli spent much of his time working on Free Power.

Of all of his inventions, perhaps some of the most important are his Free Magnetic Power Generator Inventions. These patents have been locked away & hidden by Big Business and Your Government for OVER 90 Years!
In the last year, sites claiming to have Nicoli Tesla”s confiscated patents and plans have been selling them on the web. If this is true, than this could be earth shattering for what we could do for getting off fossil fuel!

I went and bought the plans for Tesla FREE Power after watching the free video where he actually makes Free Power right before your eyes!

The whole process was pretty quick, less than half a day, and the nice part is that its so easy anyone could make it!
As for the price of the materials needed to build No Cost Energy, I couldn’t believe it! The parts are very inexpensive and super simple to find anywhere! Places like Radio Shack or other electronic stores have everything you need to get Off the Grid in ONE weekend!
Its a quick & easy Download-able document file jam packed with numerous, No Cost Energy plans, examples and even copies of Tesla”s original patents submitted to the U.S. Government!

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Magnetic Generator

There has been a lot of controversy over the issue of the best alternative energy source as our next green energy solution; there have also been many questions about the Magniworks generator. I have answered some of the most common questions to the best of my knowledge.

What is a magnetic generator? The concept is actually quite simple, you have a bunch of magnets on a turbine and they produce more energy than it takes to turn it .which means once it is started This alternative energy generator produces free electricity indefinitely.

How does a magnetic generator work? As explained by John C Bedini (scientist) the motor works as follows, an outer rotor rotated by a brass shaft at 5,610 RPM, which causes the winding assembly to pass between permanent magnets. When this outer rotor is rotating, a second inner rotor is rotated opposite the first rotor. This action then causes the outer rotor to continue to rotate at 5,600 RPM with the inner rotor also continuing to rotate at 2,200 RPM. Magnetic flowing energy is then removed at the six energy removal locations as the unit rotates 24 hours per day at a rate in excess of the equivalent of a one horsepower standard electrical generator. The driving force that actually rotates these rotors is a perfect harmony of attract polarities which create a release timing caused by the interaction of both rotors

What are the benefits of having a magniwork generator for the home? It sounds too good to be true, the magnetic generator is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce any damaging byproducts. All you have to do is start it and it will produce free electricity indefinitely, you can build it to fit your personal requirements. Calbayog . You can either reduce your electric bill or eliminate it forever.

Is there proof that the Magniworks generators really work? There are hundreds of thousands of successful Magniworks generators users and these numbers are increasing very quickly, as more people find out that these are the best source of electricity and that they really work.

Why isn’t everybody using this alternative energy source? I think for a couple of reasons, one being that people just don’t know about the magnetic generator. I also think that some people are skeptical; I mean having a free energy generator seems too good to be true. But that will change as the word gets out.

How come I haven’t heard about this green energy solution? It seems that the giant corporations have been very successful at suppressing the idea of a perpetual motion generator creating free electricity. The more people that find out and use these magnetic energy generators the less control that the big corporations have over us. And that will reduce the huge profits that they are making.

What does perpetual motion mean and how can it create free electricity? The dictionary describes it is a machines that produces more work or energy than they consume, which operate indefinitely. You will hear people say that there is no such thing as perpetual motion, which is true because eventually some of these parts will wear out and have to be replaced.

How much does it cost to buy this green energy generator? You can’t actually purchase a magnetic generator, you can buy the digital plans on how to build a magnetic generator which are under $100 dollars, and then you have to get your own parts which you can get from an electronics store like radio shack and your local hardware store. I am told that you can get everything that you need for complete set-up for around $300 dollars

Are these magnetic generators really the best source of electricity? You have to ask yourself this; do I want free electricity and not impact the environment? Lately more and more people are trying to find an alternative energy source that is environmentally friendly and inexpensive; it seems that the Magniworks generator helps with both these causes.

Why do I have to build a magnetic generator? At this time there is no place that you can purchase these magnetic energy generators. I am told due to the suppression of the big corporations that they are only allowed to sell these kits for residential purposes only and are not supposed to be used for commercial use

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The Secret To The Magnetic Generator Exposed

If you haven’t heard about the best alternative green energy source, there is a good reason; the giant corporations have gone to great lengths to keep this a secret. Let’s face it if everybody could build a magnetic generator and produce their own cheap electricity it would greatly change the standings of the control that the power companies have over us and the huge profits that they are making.

The whole idea of magnetic perpetual motion has been suppressed and they say that the big energy’s secret nightmare is finally out in the open. There are a couple of versions of how the free energy generator secret got out, One is that in 1934 a man named Nikoli Tesla had finally perfected the perfect magnetic motor energy, but once the word got out his funding was taken by the executives of the big corporations for fear that if this information got out they would be crushed.

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory story but it also goes a step further, they say that the files for this free free energy generator have been sitting in a filing cabinet collecting dust for 90 years. Until a janitor found this free energy information and finally brought this green energy solution to light. join windows 7 to domain There’s only one problem.

The problem is if you want to enjoy the free energy created by this perpetual motion machine you have to build it yourself. For some reason, I can’t seem to get a clear answer about this, but it is somehow supposed to be because of the power companies are still suppressing the idea, so they sell a set of digital instructions on how to build it with everyday materials you can get from an electronic and hardware store. They say that if you can screw in a light bulb you are half way there to building your magnetic generator

I guess that if they sold these free energy generators already put together they probably wouldn’t be able keep up with the volume of customers until everybody had a green energy home, and that would certainly put the big power companies out of business

So now that the secret is out and everybody can have there very own Magniworks generator for the home, the idea is getting spread very quickly, I know of 3 of the foremost companies that are selling these kits and each one is selling over 12,000 a month and the numbers are rising very quickly as the word gets out, how easy it is to put them together and how great this zero point energy generator really is and as people are enjoying free power.

It is said that with this technology, they predict by 2020 everyone will have this green energy power source in their homes and this is the wave of the future and that this green energy solution is a great step in saving the environment.

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Amazing New Breakthrough In FREE Energy Discovered

There’s an amazing new discovery when it
comes to FREE electrify.
This something that I’ve never seen before,
and it’s pretty amazing.
Here are a number key elements we got
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Works in every home, it requires only
a small amount of space.
You can eliminate your power bill by
0% or even completely, depending
on how you implement the magniwork
Works in all condition, can work in extreme
hot or cold without any problem.
The Material needed to build the magniwork
generator is cheap and easily accessible
anywhere in the world.
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There’s an amazing new discovery when itcomes to FREE electrify.
This something that I’ve never seen before,and it’s pretty amazing.
Here are a number key elements we gotfrom this amazing discovery:
Works in every home, it requires onlya small amount of space.
You can eliminate your power bill by 0% or even completely, dependingon how you implement the magniworkgenerator.
Works in all condition, can work in extremehot or cold without any problem.
The Material needed to build the magniworkgenerator is cheap and easily accessibleanywhere in the world.
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