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Technology Advice For Someone Interested In Green Energy

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to introduce green energy into your life, you are missing out. Green energy is cheaper, safer, and cleaner than traditional sources of energy, and it can also save you money over time. Here are some really smart ways to start using green energy to your advantage.

A good green energy solution to replace cleaning products in your home is to use olive oil. By using olive to clean certain things around the home, you are avoiding the synthetic chemicals, compounds and substances that aren’t very environmentally friendly which are present in the many household cleaning products you find on the market.

If you live in a sunny area, you could generate your own energy. Invest in PV cells and have a professional install them on your roof. You should have your needs in electricity assessed by a professional to make sure your solar installation will provide enough power for your home.

Natural sources of energy can be unpredictable, which is why you should always have a back-up plan. Find out more about net-metering plans: in most towns, you will be allows to hook your system to the main power grid and use it when there is not enough sun or wind for your green energy solution to function properly.

To help you reduce your carbon footprint and also save plenty of money on gas for your car, consider investigating the benefits of the electric car. Electric vehicles can be enjoyable to drive and are typically environmentally friendly. Most are quite expensive right now, but are becoming more affordable as technology improves.

Choosing to switch to green energies is a decision you should make after considering how much money you will really save. You should have a good idea of how much energy you are currently using and what it is costing you. Take into consideration the cost of the green energy system and the amount of energy it is expected to produce.

Keep your office warm if you have computers running. You should keep computer rooms at temperatures between 64 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer the room is, the more efficiently your computers will run. This tip saves you money on cooling computers during an emergency. The computers will react more quickly to changes in temperature if the room is kept warm.

Try using solar heated water in your home. Approximately 25% of yearly energy costs come from heating water. Using solar water panels is an excellent method of decreasing these costs. Because the sun’s energy is utilized to heat up the water, you will not be using as much energy in your home.

Even just one person striving to use green energy can make a big difference. When companies see more consumers using green energy, they’ll work to meet their customer’s needs. Take advantage of what you’ve learned in this article and seek out more environmentally friendly forms of energy. It’s never too late to go green.

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Solar Panel To Be Built On Your Own

Lots of folks have been looking into installing solar panels in an effort to fight increasing energy costs. When the majority of these people see the prices of the professionally installed panels they realize it may not be a luxury they can afford. There is an easier, more cost effective way to harness power from the sun and that is to learn how to make solar panels for yourself.

Any hungry do-it-yourselfer can study how to make solar panels for their home, workshop or business. When compared to the cost of buying and installing a pre-made green solar energy system, learning how to make solar panels for your green energy needs and the materials you need to start the project are far less. By Studying how to make solar panels for yourself, you have greater control over the size and design of your system as well.

Once you have a basic manual and you have studied how to make solar panels, the supplies are fairly basic to find. Most can be discovered at your local hardware store like, plywood, sheets of glass, and a roll of copper wire. It is also easy to find cheap solar or photovoltaic cells to use in your project. Many are available over the Internet or you may have a retailer available locally. One you’ve learned how to make solar panels and you have your supplies, it will take about a day to assemble a 100-watt panel. This is the perfect amount of electricity to operate small appliances or a small workshop.

The most important step is looking for a quality manual with itemized instructions for knowing how to make solar panels. In most cases you get what you pay for, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars on a well-reviewed instruction manual. Overall, the expense of the making your own panels is so low, the price of the how to guide is minimal-you will still be paying a lot less learning how to make solar panels on your own than purchasing a professionally installed system.

With a little bit of effort, you can be on your way to knowing how to make solar panels to exceed your energy needs. Then sit back and bask in the pride the next time the power goes out on your block. Your lights will still be on because you learned how to make solar panels and your energy supply is still in your battery bank.

Making the choice to build your own home solar energy panel is a great investment for your future and the world’s future. Start making your own power at home and take advantage of this great way to educate yourself while saving money and helping the environment and learn how to build your own solar panel today.

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Clean And Lean: Why Green Energy Is Such A Hot Topic

A lot of people are concerned about the environment, but don’t have a good idea of what they can do to help. Interestingly, an environmentally friendly energy industry has been emerging to serve customers who are interested in making a difference. This article provides many tips so you can live a green lifestyle.

Be sure to check the insulation levels in the areas around your house. Insulation helps keep the warm air out in the summer months and the cold air out in the winter months. Places that you should check include your attic, crawl spaces, all exterior and basement walls, ceilings and floors.

Remember that solar panels, whether you install them on your roof or anywhere else on your property, must be angled toward the sun to receive maximum exposure. In the Northern Hemisphere, this means facing them south with an angle of latitude plus fifteen degrees. Otherwise, your investment will not return as much energy as you hope.

Try heating water using solar power to further implement solar power into your needs. For many people, solar power is still a thing of the future, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to include it in today’s world, and using a solar power for all your water heating needs is one of them. Think about how much your current water heater is used, and think about how much money you could save.

Use light bulbs that are energy-efficient. Conventional light bulbs use entirely too much energy and create a lot of heat. Energy-efficient bulbs last much longer and don’t give off that much heat. They can sometimes give off dimmer light, so make sure to use as many as you need in your rooms so you have comparable amounts of light.

Contact your local utility company to see if purchasing energy from renewable sources is an option for you. Buying green energy directly from a power company is one of the easiest ways to go green with your energy use, without having to invest in any major alterations to your home.

When shopping for appliances, computers or other electronic items, look for products that wear an Energy Star badge. To earn the right to display the Energy Star logo, products must meet certain energy-efficiency criteria. There are different tiers of efficiency as well, which can translate into additional energy savings over the lifetime of the product.

You can save a lot of energy simply by investing in a tube of caulk and walking around the interior and exterior of your home, sealing any visible cracks or holes. Windy days are the best time to seek out less visible leaks, as you are more likely to hear or feel them.

Save energy, and your hard-earned dollars, by only using your washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load. A small load uses just as much energy as a full load and accomplishes a lot less for the energy expenditure. Let laundry stack up another day or two in order to maximize savings and efficiency. Also consider drying clothes outdoors on a clothesline if allowed in your area. The fresh outdoorsy scent can’t be beat, and you will show a significant savings in your utility bill if you cut back on your dryer usage.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, you should find out more about green energies. This market will expand in the future and you can benefit from many interesting tax incentives, besides contributing to saving the planet and offering people clean sources of energy. Go to your local Business Bureau for more information.

Swap your old incandescent light bulbs for high-efficiency LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs use far less electricity than incandescent, and they come in sizes that fit most existing fixtures. While the up-front cost is generally higher, most of these bulbs will last for years before burning out.

As was mentioned at the start of this article, green energy has garnered quite a bit of interest in the media and amongst everyday people. Sadly, some people aren’t sure how they can implement green changes to live a more sustainable life. This article provided suggestions for environmentally concerned and compassionate people.

How Solar Energy Works Best For Your Home

The Sun is the star of our galaxy and its rays provide us with all the energy we will ever need. Even so, because of the distance between Earth and the Sun, coupled with the effects of clouds and our atmosphere, very little of the energy that began the journey reaches us.

By the time sunlight arrives on the earth’s surface, it is composed of 49 percent visible light, 45 percent infrared radiation, plus lesser amounts of ultraviolet and other types of radiation. Most people who are unaware of the science, assume that we harness the light element of sunlight, but that is not so. It is the radiation that can be converted into electrical energy or – which is the easier route – into heat (thermal energy).

The science of solar power is in a very early stage. If only we had better technology, we could use sunlight for all of the planet’s energy requirements. The advantages of this are easy to see: it is a never-ending supply (for the next million or more years, at least) and is totally pollution-free, unlike the rapidly disappearing supply of fossil fuels we currently rely on.

Solar energy is relatively cheap. It’s free at source and the costs of harnessing it – although high at the moment – are coming down all the time. Most people just do not realize how vast the potential is. Every single day, 200,000 (that’s two hundred thousand) times the electricity we generate on earth in a day, arrives in the shape of solar power.

Solar panels are called “collectors” in the trade, and their job is to collect solar energy and to convert it into thermal energy, or heat. There are two overall types of solar collectors, known as concentrating collectors and the more common flat-plate collectors. Because of the low concentration of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface, both need large areas of panelling in order to collect the radiation needed. A single person would need something like forty square meters, even in a sunny location such as California, Arizona, Sri Lanka, Italy or Greece.

Simple flat-plate collectors are made up of a blackened metal plate, covered with sheets of glass. The sunlight falls on the panel and the heat is trapped. Tubes at the rear of the device hold what are known as “carrying fluids” – usually water treated with antifreeze -and that will take the heat to an insulated boiler or other collection and storage device.

“Solar furnaces” are used when a much higher temperature is needed. Also known as “concentrators”, they collect sunlight over a much larger area and focus it using mirrors and lenses. The temperatures can get as high as 3,600 degrees fahrenheit (2,000 centigrade) and normally they’ll make steam to be used in engines for electrical generation.

We will probably be more used to seeing the third type of solar device, which are called photovoltaic – or solar – cells. The cells work when light hits a junction of a semiconductor and a metal, generating a small electric voltage of roughly two watts. These are what you find on solar-powered calculators, radios and wristwatches. If you need to generate thousands of kilowatts of electricity, you have to connect hundreds and hundreds of cells together to make what is known as a solar electric plant. Because the energy efficiency of current photovoltaic cells is less than 20%, the scientists are hard at work, hoping to increase this efficiency to make solar cells viable as viable generating units.

There’s plenty of great Green Energy advice on the Internet, and plenty of bad advice. Recommended Solar Power Sites: Solar Energy Homes and an official site from the US D.O.E.

Unbiased Power4home Solar Power System Review

Right now everyone seems keen to jump on the Natural Energy band-wagon. There’s been a sudden explosion of online systems offering to help us take advantage of free wind and solar power and save money. One of the best known of the online systems is something called Power4home. This is a package that contains an ebook and various “how to” videos created by a “solar guru” called John Russel. Incidentally, it’s the first time I’ve seen the name spelt with just one “L”. Strange.

Looking at all the plus points for Power4Home you see listed on their website, makes it look like a definite must-have. Power4home shows how almost any homeowner can install a high-end home solar power system simply by following the instructions contained in the “clear and concise” manual and training DVDs. It also shows you how to put up a wind turbine. All this is achieved without needing to draft in expensive outside help. The single biggest selling point seems to be that it lets you do it all without the services of self-styled home renewable energy “experts”. But are its claims just too good to be true? I thought it best to investigate.

Just what is solar power? It is simply a way of using the Sun’s rays to power our electrical needs, without having to rely on electricity generated and delivered by one of the power companies. Green Energy also includes using wind and water power in a similar way. These energy sources are totally free to use and will remain so. All you need is an effective way to harness and store it, and that’s where Power4home comes in.

More and more people are joining the Green Energy Revolution every day. The usual method of collecting the Sun’s power is to use solar panels. They store this energy inside specially-constructed deep cell batteries. But good solar panels can be very expensive. Power4Home offers to help you make a system that will be cheaper than buying it ready-made.

The idea behind Power4home is that by implementing this alternative energy, you can reduce your electric cost by up to 75%, depending on what appliances you have at home. I liked the Power4Home reviews but was skeptical about some of the negative reviews it received.

The Power4home course allows you to save more dollars by assembling individual parts of your Green Energy system at home instead of having to buy a complete system for many thousands of dollars or pounds. The full price of Power4home is currently $97, but as John Russel never tires of telling us in his sales video, this is a fraction of what you would save if you were to implement his advice and install solar panels and wind turbines his way. Essentially, you are cutting out the middle-man and buying advice from him rather than paying a lot more to an installer or other green energy expert. And you are saving on labor costs by doing the work yourself.

The bottom line is that Power4home could well be useful if you have already decided to install solar panels on your home. One of its faults is that it doesn’t help you work out whether you can get the best out of alternative energy solutions. How can it? It doesn’t know whether you live in Maine or Manilla, on the top of a mountain or deep in a valley. You will also need to know a little more than how to hammer in a nail in order to implement the advice here. Power4home is very US-centric, but as long as you are quite proficient in home improvements, you will probably find most of the information you need to set up your own solar and wind turbine systems.

Here is my advice: do not buy any of these systems before you get to know how solar panels work. Is Power4home the best quality product on the market? I discovered the solution on this Power4home Review. It makes shocking reading.

Why You Should Consider Green Energy Options

The world is changing in many different ways, and a lot of individuals are becoming very concerned around the state of energy consumption. Lots of individuals use fossil fuels in their day-to-day lives. Those consist of oil and natural gas for heating and fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Individuals nowadays, needless to say, recognize that these sources are not going to last forever. Because of this, green energy seems to be the best way forward and quite a few governments are trying to make that happen. People who in addition wish to save money will need to check into the different types of alternative fuels that are out there.

Among the very first ones many people may consider is wind power. Wind power is getting employed already by several countries with various amounts of success. Despite the fact that there have been protests in opposition to the erection of wind turbines in several states, individuals realize this is a significantly less costly source of energy for all of us.

A lot of companies, when they’re located in certain areas, could in addition have the opportunity to utilize their own wind turbine. This will seriously have an impact on power costs. Over time, it should mean they end up a great deal lower and therefore can help to save money.

Private individuals may or may not have the opportunity to acquire a wind generator for their personal homes. This depends completely on their situation and where they live. Having one added is usually expensive but of course, in general, it is going to wind up being a significantly better option simply because it will not only supply electricity, but will also pay for itself with time. It is going to additionally be reliant on the weather on the other hand. Individuals living in sunnier areas will therefore need to use solar panels instead.

Solar panels can provide individuals a number of interesting alternatives. One of the first is that, if living in a sunnier area, they’re going to get a lot of power. Once more this would lead to lower expenses but there is more. It is typically quite easy and affordable to set them up on roofs. You’ll find many companies right now which provide this kind of service. By searching on the internet, customers can find out more about green energy and just how it could help them.

Solar panels can offer individuals a number of interesting alternatives. One of the first is that, when living in a sunnier area, they are going to have quite a bit of power. Once again this will likely contribute to reduced expenses but there’s a lot more. It’s normally quite easy and cheap to install them on roofs. There are numerous companies today that offer this type of service. By looking on the internet, customers can learn more about green energy and how it can help them.

Are you looking for renewable energy tips? Be sure to visit Green Energy Solutions Info for information on green energy technologies.

You Can Build Your Auto Powered By Solar, A Renewable Energy Source

All automobiles draw power from gas. But with the volatility of crude oil costs and because it's not a replaceable, something must be done before it is too late. Given that solar energy, a green energy source is used to power a community, you may also do this on a small scale by utilizing the same principles to build your own vehicle.

But what do you need to make this work? A lot of things but the two most important are the solar array and the batteries.

The solar array is vital because this is what’s used to gather solar beams and then converts this into electric energy. There are two types to choose from in the market i. E the prefabricated type and the individual kind which you set up yourself.

When you are looking for branded parts, check out either Siemens or ASE Americas that sell earthly grade cells and the space grade cells. The bottom model which can produce a significant amount of power is the terrestrial grade version.

Proper wiring must be done to make certain that if one of the panels isn't working, your vehicle will still move. If you're concerned that the voltage of the solar array should match the system voltage of your motor, you shouldn't to worry as it will still run.

We mentioned earlier the battery is also crucial because here's where the solar energy will be stored. Your options for this are lead acid, lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium. Just how many you need to buy will depend on your motor’s voltage.

When you finally have these two elements, these will now need to be hooked up to the motor. So you know how much juice is left in your batteries, you may also must install instrumentation like the warning display console on regular vehicles which tells you your speed, mileage and gas.

Do not forget to put a steering wheel, suspension, brakes, tires and hearts. You will struggle to make a car that have the same features as like what you see done by one of the three US automakers but just enough to be able to drive it from one place to the next.

The only cars that use solar energy so far are the ones only utilized in races particularly the one held in Australia from travels from the northerly part of the country all the way to the south. If this has helped folk understand that renewable energy is really the key to the future, the enormous automakers should try drumming this technology instead of relying of still depending on gas.

But aside from solar energy as a green energy source, biodiesel is another choice. This is a mixture of alcohol like methanol and a chemical process that separates glycerine and methyl esters (biodiesel) from fats or vegetable oils. This may also be done using corn and sugarcane.

Though these are not replaceable, these are still thought of as a green energy sources as it is more clean than standard gas. This implies you do not release damaging chemicals such as carbon monoxide into the air which causes damage to the environment. So if you cannot build a solar powered auto, consider a different fuel alternative.

Sarah Green is an environmental campaigner, activist, and strong believer in being energy self-sufficient. In her spare time, she reports on DIY alternative energy blueprints and kits, for example the homemade energy download by ben ford.

Why To Consider Using Solar Panels

Solar panels have been around for quite a while, now, and the reason is because they produce such efficient energy. The cost of electricity seems to be getting worse and worse, but it can be significantly reduced with a one-time purchase. If you are able to invest in the initial system, your money will come back during the years to come. The prices of alternative sources of energy seem to be constantly rising, but once you’ve become electrically independent, that won’t have to matter to you anymore.

Solar panels collect energy from sunlight, which is fortunately still free. An array of modules is usually used together to provide so much power that a whole home or business can be lit. There are many technical details that can be used to describe how it all works, but the most important thing to know is that they provide affordable energy.

Solar power is something that can be used to heat your home. Many people find this to be an attractive thought, especially after they add up the heating costs for the winter. Some states also offer another incentive, allowing those who use green energy to take advantage of certain tax benefits.

Some use their system just for their indoor and outdoor lighting. There have been so many technological advances that lighting systems are now surprisingly affordable. The types of batteries available will enable you to stay lit all night, if you need to.

Some people choose to start by heating only their swimming pool, or the water in the house, with solar energy. This is a great way to start because you’ll be able to get comfortable with the system. You’ll also see so many savings that you’ll want to expand. Most people with swimming pools will testify to the advantages of using panels rather than other options.

If the thought of the initial investment causes hesitation, something else to consider is the worth of your home. Its value will increase with the addition of solar panels. When you do decide to sell, show prospective buyers your electric bills, and they can see the benefits with their own eyes.

Most people are happy enough with the savings, but those who are concerned about the environment are happier still. While the debates rage on, those who decide to play it safe can feel that they are doing their part for the planet. Whether or not the air is too polluted, knowing that your carbon footprint is smaller than others is a good feeling. While it helps with your bills, it doesn’t hurt the air you breathe.

Those who already use solar panels know why they made the decision. However, if you’re still not sure of whether the switch would work for you, there’s plenty of information on the Internet. Different product styles and specifications are as easy to find as pricing. If any of your questions aren’t answered, speak with a local distributor, and they’ll be happy to help. Decide to go with this option, and you’ll be smiling too, especially when you see how it lowers your electric bills.

One thing which has changed the world of green energy is the use of solar energy. A lot of solar products have proved to be really effective for the home and industrial use.

Going Green With Your Own Energy Resources

Because of all the green energy information online, finding what you need can be hard. Read this article for basic information about using more green energy in the home.

If you try to promote living sustainably then use your heater as little as you can during winter. Ways to cut down on electricity include wearing warm clothing indoors and using a fireplace to heat your home. Keep in mind, cooler air while sleeping makes your breathing better, and keeps your airways from getting too dry.

On hot, summer days, hang your clothes outside. You’ll love how your clothes smell after being sun-dried. Laundry will smell fresher and cleaner, much more so than when they were in the dryer. You will also save money on utility bills by doing this.

A simple way to go green? Set your air conditioner thermostat five degrees higher so that the air comes on a little later during summer months. This can cut your cooling costs by up to one-fifth. Consider using fans to counter the costs inherent in using the air conditioner.

Consider solar water heaters to make your home more energy efficient. If you live in a sunny climate, you can use a solar water heater year-round. However, you should still have a traditional water heater as backup for times when the sun won’t come out or if you’re going to be using a lot of hot water.

There are new jobs being created almost daily for those specializing in green energy. If you’re thinking of changing up your career or wish to give your children job advice, think about the green energy sector. Look into green energy positions, like solar or wind power technicians.

Help reduce the cost of green energy by increasing the demand for it. As a consumer you have the right and the power to demand environmentally friendly technologies. The more you and others purchase these products, they more that they will be produced and prices will be lowered. If we as consumers band together and buy green products, it will encourage companies to develop more green technologies.

If you are aiming to save energy and money, try running the dishwasher only when the load is completely full. Do not simply place a few dishes into it and run it. You might be surprised by the number of items that you can fit in your dishwasher. Think carefully about where you place each dish for optimal storage in the washer.

Check your refrigerator and freezer seal on a reguar basis to make sure you are not wasting energy. A damaged seal will cause your fridge to use more energy than necessary, wasting both energy and money. You can determine if you need to replace your seal by inserting one sheet of paper in the door jam. If it slides out too easily, your seal is not up to par.

Think about using a shower head that’s water saving in your bathroom. This feels similar to a traditional shower head, but saves a lot of water. Your water bill will notice a significant reduction, and you’ll also be helping out the earth in the process.

When battery chargers and other electronics are not in use, unplug them. Mp3, cell phone, laptop, and various other device chargers draw power when they’re plugged in, no matter if it’s charging or not.

Putting the heat to 60 degrees in the middle of the night, or when you’re gone, is a great way to conserve energy. 60 degrees is the target temperature at which your heater will be consuming the least energy. As a result, you can minimize the energy you use, and save money.

What do you have to do to make your home more green? You now have the answers but it is up to you to take initiative and use the knowledge you gained from this article. You will benefit your family, your home, and the environment. What better reasons are there to make the change?

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Green Energy for Your Home

Home solar energy is often thought of as the most productive means of minimizing your household utility bills. If you desire to benefit through solar powered energy energy, you need to be knowledgeable that a home photovoltaic option is commonly obtainable through online stores. If you are tired of unreasonable power cuts and wish to benefit through a regular supply of electrical power, you need to take advantage through home photo voltaic choices. Listed below are a few advantages of opting for solar powered energy energy.

Home Solar energy Is Readily Available

Solar power energy is ample in nature and it is also said to be a environmentally friendly source for electric power generation. Hence, when the need of the hour is to pick suitable home solar powered energy systems, you need to investigate well and then apply your facts to good use. Home photo voltaic options can be had through the means of a secured site and while most may appear expensive, there are a few which are really low-cost and durable as well. Home solar energy systems are also thought to be essential to meet your electricity requirements as they are promoted by the government agencies.

Solar powered energy Can Be Gathered Through Your Yard

The next gain of a home solar choice is that it can be controlled through your garden. Home solar powered energy systems work on the basis of assembled kits which can be obtained through the means of the World wide web. Solar energy installations can be bought online. They come in the form of a kit, which has an manual as well. Simply abide by the manual book and you can ensure that your solar power installs are in excellent order. Solar energy kits have the ability to be used and built from home. Hence, they can be applied by just about anyone – you need not be a techie wiz to harness photovoltaic powered electrical energy from home.

Solar powered energy Cost Is Very Low

The third benefit of setting up a home solar power option is the saving in terms of electrical energy bills. Solar powered energy cells, which are used in creating electricity, are affordable and long lasting. Once you have them installed in your roof, you can be be assured that they would carry on for the rest of your life. You only cost is the initial purchase of the photo voltaic powered kits and the installation charges. At present, there are solar power kits which are obtainable for under one hundred dollars. Such options can be had through the means of a reputed online maker only. Thereafter, the total cost of power generation is nil and you not only generate power for your home, you also never actually spend a dime while doing so.

Photo voltaic Energy Electricity Is Pure

With the rise in air pollution and the decrease in the ozone layer, the probabilities are that your typical options of energy may show to be a difficulty to the future decades. This is when photo voltaic thermal power comes into picture. Over here, not only are your electric bills reduced drastically, you also have a chance of keeping your environment neat and tidy. This is so as photo voltaic energy is a clean energy resource and it does not emit any harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. Hence, whenever solar energy is produced from home, it is considered a blessing in disguise for the environment.

Solar Power Cells Are Noiseless

When compared to the usual sources of energy, the solar energy cells, which are frequently used in a solar powered grid, are noiseless in nature. Hence, if you are using photovoltaic generated electrical power for your household uses, you are ultimately saving your natural environment from extreme noise pollution. At the same time, the energy which is made is never lost and can be easily kept for future use.

If you want to find out more about PA Solar Power, then go to Endless Mountain Solar’s site on how to learn more about solar energy.