The Secret To The Magnetic Generator Exposed

If you haven’t heard about the best alternative green energy source, there is a good reason; the giant corporations have gone to great lengths to keep this a secret. Let’s face it if everybody could build a magnetic generator and produce their own cheap electricity it would greatly change the standings of the control that the power companies have over us and the huge profits that they are making.

The whole idea of magnetic perpetual motion has been suppressed and they say that the big energy’s secret nightmare is finally out in the open. There are a couple of versions of how the free energy generator secret got out, One is that in 1934 a man named Nikoli Tesla had finally perfected the perfect magnetic motor energy, but once the word got out his funding was taken by the executives of the big corporations for fear that if this information got out they would be crushed.

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory story but it also goes a step further, they say that the files for this free free energy generator have been sitting in a filing cabinet collecting dust for 90 years. Until a janitor found this free energy information and finally brought this green energy solution to light. join windows 7 to domain There’s only one problem.

The problem is if you want to enjoy the free energy created by this perpetual motion machine you have to build it yourself. For some reason, I can’t seem to get a clear answer about this, but it is somehow supposed to be because of the power companies are still suppressing the idea, so they sell a set of digital instructions on how to build it with everyday materials you can get from an electronic and hardware store. They say that if you can screw in a light bulb you are half way there to building your magnetic generator

I guess that if they sold these free energy generators already put together they probably wouldn’t be able keep up with the volume of customers until everybody had a green energy home, and that would certainly put the big power companies out of business

So now that the secret is out and everybody can have there very own Magniworks generator for the home, the idea is getting spread very quickly, I know of 3 of the foremost companies that are selling these kits and each one is selling over 12,000 a month and the numbers are rising very quickly as the word gets out, how easy it is to put them together and how great this zero point energy generator really is and as people are enjoying free power.

It is said that with this technology, they predict by 2020 everyone will have this green energy power source in their homes and this is the wave of the future and that this green energy solution is a great step in saving the environment.

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